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Morning all. TGIF!!

Happy - Brrr, we've had chilly temps in the morning but not cold...yet. Wonder what the foot traffic will be in the shop this weekend. But you say the owner is building the online and "catering" side of things - you'll keep busy either way, huh? Glad your mom is feeling pretty good. Hope she got some good books that she can hunker down with over the weekend.

Mel - I love the TJ's bags! That's a very cute gift. With reusable bags becoming the thing these days, one could grow quite a collection. I was really on board with it when it first started up, but honestly, we go through quite a few plastic grocery bags just taking doggy for his daily walks and picking up after him in the backyard! And when we unpack the groceries, we always have some bags that have holes punctured in them from the contents they held and those go back to the market to get recycled. So we can barely keep up with the demand, LOL. But I do use the reusable bags for visits to the library, TJ's, and the resale shop. Hope all the PITA stuff is taken care of by the office before you take over for the weekend!! How does Jen's nose look today?? Poor thing! Hmmm, maybe the canned foods need to go in the lower cabinets, haha.

Ceejay - Pneumonia! Hope you don't have to work anymore of those marathon shifts - you need your recovery time! Glad to hear the neighbor situation is better, and I bet you're really relieved your friend is not moving to CO! All that stress of moving would not have been good for her health.

Hellos to Ellen, Patty, Michelle, Annie & Shad!
BF picked me up from the train and then we picked up his friend from the bus stop and then we went to Costco to fill my lens rx. Saving about 1/3 off what my old eye doc charged and even more off what the new doc charges!! Whoohoo!! Naturally they had to order my lenses - very strong rx, and toric lenses to boot for my astigmatism. Bf and friend went to a movie and I stayed home and did a load of my laundry. Watched another couple episodes of Good Wife.

Have to fast after 10 pm tonight and bf and I will get our blood drawn tomorrow morning for the company's health assessment. They're really pushing it - I'm receiving reminders in the mail at home, on my desk at work and via e-mail at work!

Okay, this is the weekend I'll put out some autumn decor!! Also have to get the remaining tomatoes and serrano peppers out of the garden - we're forecast for a freeze this weekend. And there's another flower bed to clean up.

Everyone enjoy their weekend!

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