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Happy Friday Everyone!!

Didn't make it back to finish posting yesterday as it was the day from H here at work. Came in at 7 yesterday and didn't get out of here till a little after 5. Ate lunch at my desk while working....sheesh...

Stop at the doc's office on the way in to work this morning to get my flu shot. More vitality points for me. I got a new crockpot with some of my points and it arrived yesterday. Very nice.

Since I didn't have to leave quite so early this morning I stayed back at Sissy's house this morning with lil man while she took the babysitting kids to the bus stop. We played on the floor for about 20 minutes. Sassy went to the bus stop with the kids as they fight over who gets to hold her on the way. lol. Lil man is crawling all over the place and pulling up to stand, won't be long now before he walks. Sissy is not cutting his hair cause she said that will make him look like a lil boy instead of a babe. LOL I agree...

Sissy and I are going shopping tomorrow so I can get a dress to wear to my son's wedding December 1st. Chris is watching lil man and his daughter Ainsley, while we shop. Sis is excited as she rarely gets out without the kids. We may linger around at stores longer than necessary...haha..and probably do lunch somewhere fun.

My allergies are acting up this morning and my left eye is itching like crazy. Bloodshot and swollen. Will take some meds shortly after getting this posted. Feels like someone socked me in the eye or a can of cat food fell out of the cabinet and hit me in the JEN...

MELLIE...sounds like you made out at TJs since they were stocked up on everything. Poor JEN. That girl sounds like accident waiting to happen...hugs to JEN.

CEEG...yuck pnuemonia, feel better and hope you got some good meds. Hope the scan comes back negative.

HAPPY...YAH!! You are back...missed your posting. Hope the 3 day work schedule doesn't completely wear you and your poor feet out. Glad momma is doing well at your house.

CHELLE....Santa loves you and cannot wait to live with you....THis month is going fast. Remember...don't let that no good a$$hole still one drop of you or your joy! P on him. Literally.

SHADDIE...hope work is getting better for you.

LAURA...hmmm...could of used some of the new knife skills on the way into work this morning. Some idiot woman came charging onto the highway going from the ramp to the slow lane then started to come on over in the middle lane...a, duh, hello, I am right here in this lane. I blew my horn she swerved back...and believe it or not I refrained from making naughty jesters at her. haha

ELLEN...come up for air.

Hi ya PATTY!

Have a great Friday/Saturday....

Loves and hugs


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