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Good morning ladies,

Not really looking forward to going back to work today. I was hoping to not spend most of yesterday on my feet but that's how it worked out. Took Mom to the library to get some books to read while I'm out of the house and we also went grocery shopping. She's been quite tired lately and I was a bit concerned about this being too much for her but getting up and out of the house seemed to be just what she needed. She held up like a trooper and was all peppy even though her knees were bothering her. DH would say that she just needed to get some movement going. I'm pretty sure I have to work Friday - Sunday so it's going to be a long weekend. In other news my former partner in crime at my old job FINALLY was able to land a job in another area. It's a lateral move because people like us don't get promoted but I'm so thrilled for her because it's a very good thing. What's interesting is that she moved to the area that I left when I came to work with that team. They are talking about snow flurries this weekend. It's darn cold out there - was overcast and blustery yesteryday and more of the same this weekend.

*ding, ding, ding, ding* Patty mentioned the forbidden "C" word - I half expected the duck to drop from the ceiling and cannot get the theme to the Groucho Marx / You Bet Your Life TV show out of my head (Ok, so this is a reference to a comment made way back on 9/30 - I was just catching up on posts when I got back and got the giggles out of this one )

Gorgeous picture Mel. That's what things looked like out here last week when I missed them. So pretty with the lakes framing the trees in color. I think your new motto is an excellent one. Stick to your guns - people are so good at dumping stuff on others. Poor Jen - hope she will be ok. I was chastising Mom about her freezer before we left. Move one item and all this frozen stuff comes sliding out all over. Told her she'd get a nasty bruise if something fell on her. Do you get to see any colored trees out your way or is everything concrete gray?

Ceejay - pneumonia??? Please take care of yourself. I'm sure working 11 day shifts is not helping you get your needed rest.

Shad - I will have to check out the pics of your friend's new condo. Boy that's alot of money - hope it's not as pricy to maintain but good for her if she worked hard and saved to get to this point.

Laura - glad you and BF liked the knife / cooking class. We thought they were fun too and I'm sorry we were not able to take advantage of more classes. It's a nice thing to do together.

Time for me to hit the shower and make my lunch. Will catch up with the rest of you ladies tonight. Have a great day! Happy Friday.
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