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Afternoon everyone. Lovely day out there today in my neck of the woods. Woods - ha- downtown here I feel sorry for the poor trees - they sure have the odds stacked against them being shadowed by tall buildings, deprived of oxygen by pollution and dehydrated by measly iron grates through which they are lucky to get much water at all.

Ceejay - Hope the doc appts go well today. No one looks forward to the gyn...

Patty - In your PM, let me know where you'll be at, but I'm sad to say that if you're somewhere near all the shopping (Woodfield Mall), the train line is not nearby. But let me know and I'll check your tranportation options, assuming you have that Monday free and intend to go into the city. In the meantime -keep calm and don't get overwhelmed.

Shad - Thanks for attaching the pics - what gorgeous views! That's going to be really nice for your friend - and you when you visit her, lol. Love those floor to ceiling windows. Hope you enjoy the big shopping center in the Darwin 'burbs.

Happy - Welcome back. It was so good talking with you. Hope we eventually get to meet face-to-face on one of your trips back. Sorry you missed the fall color up by you, and how long will the 10 mile detour last?? Bummer! But oh so nice to sleep in your own bed. Yay for the 4 pound loss!! Enjoy the fish fry tomorrow.

Michelle - Poor Santa missing you!! Soon enough you two will be off in your own place. Glad to hear you're feeling better and stronger each day. You'll get through this!!

Annie - Glad to hear things are off to a good start with the new boss. Sassy's definitely gonna miss you next week - good thing it's only a couple days!

Hellos to the rest of you!!!
The knife skills class was pretty good. The scheduled teacher was at another function, so he had a substitute - one of the former owners of a fancy French restaurant in our area that closed this past summer (Happy - Le Titi de Paris, if you're familiar with it). She was pretty good and interesting, but had a rather annoying speech habit that got old pretty quickly. She now teaches at a local college - wonder how the students like hearing that all the time...Anyway, we got to practice our knife skills on a number of foods - onions, mushrooms, shallots, leeks, chicken. Mincing, chopping, slicing, de-boning! Not too in-depth - it was only 3 hours, but it was helpful. It was surprising we managed to achieve what we did - we didn't cook (the instructor did), but the ingredients we prepped went into making a sweet potato soup (with onions, leeks, cream) and a chicken leg/thigh stuffed with a sausage/mushroom filling (called a "duxelle", we learned) wrapped with bacon and baked. While we ate our soup and chicken, the instructor prepared a simple apple tarte tatin - delish. I'd enjoy taking another class like that. I think bf agrees.

Nothing much else to report. It was raining and bf picked me up from the train yesterday. after work This morning I walked to the train - bleh. My right hip felt sore, but I'd walked it off by the time I got to the station. Glad I'll be able to pedal home tonight. As usual, I'll miss riding my bike when the time comes to stop in a few weeks.

Tonight I'll go to Costco to get my contact lens rx filled, or at least ordered. Stayed up late last night, so I'm tired, and TOM is kicking my butt this time around. Oh, reminds me, might switch up my ob/gyn before making my appt for Nov - either a different doc in the same practice, but at an office closer to home, or with another doc (Happy, the one you recommended a while back). So I'll probably make it an early bedtime tonight.

Okay, gonna see what the hours are for the costco vision center and then prep for a 2 pm meeting. TTFN.

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