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Good morning ladies,

Quick post for me, lots to do today including the library, unpacking, meal planning and grocery shopping. Tomorrow we are going out for the Friday Fish Fry, yummy on that. Oh and despite some fast food and not too much activity at my Mom's I seem to have lost 4 pounds which is thrilling. I did make a point of walking each day, guess I have to keep up with that.

Annie, I'm delighted to hear that the new folks are taking an interest in you and your career at work. How nice will that be???? How much fun to go to LV too. Thank you so much for the seasonings - will definitely put that on the menu for next week. Adorable picture of Lil Monkey and Sassy - I can't believe how big he's getting. Happy birthday Curtis! My sister's 50th was yesterday. Hard for me to believe... Glad your party for him was a big hit but we knew it would with you cooking.

Shad - glad you made it to the next stop of the work tour. Seems like you always enter with chaos and then have to sort things out and fix all the pieces. Glad you got the baby gift. Sophia is just gorgeous. And so TINY. Awwwwwwww.

Michelle - I'm glad you found a new place. I hope you got more than your fair share in a buyout. But you were probably too nice knowing you. Ignore the mean comments from the other half - karma does bite back - wonder if the new ho will pamper him the way you did - at least you are leaving with the good insurance He's probably being mean because he knows he's WRONG. Anyway... the new apartment sounds very nice - at least you will have a doggie friend with you. It will all work out in the end, believe that. Glad you got moving boxes from Menard's instead of the grocery store. Produce boxes can and often hide vermin so those aren't the best boxes to use.

Patty - hope you get to meet with some of the ladies. I can understand how overwhelmed you must feel at work but just focus on the important stuff and do what you can. Keep plugging away, that's all they can ask - the expect more of course but it's their job to push, yours to keep your sanity

Laura - enjoy the knife skills class. We took one from Viking Cooking School and I enjoyed it. Not so afraid of the big chef's knife now, in fact I prefer it. They really do give some good tips in those classes.

Mel - you have posted some gorgeous pictures lately. Hope the autumn leaves don't bring you the sniffles. How is Jen's foot doing?

Ceejay - hope the doctor's visits went well. Are the leaves starting to turn yet?

Hi Ellen

Better get a move on here. Have a good one ladies.
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