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Hi all,

I am back safe and sound. DH came a day early to get me which was an excellent idea as I have a 3 day work shift and that will be hard enough to deal with so the extra day back at home is welcome.

Mom decided to come stay with us for 3 weeks which is nice. We had a tiff when we got in but all got straightened out. They are working on the tiny bridge on the road to our house and because of the way they built the roads, I have to go over 10 MILES to come in the "back" way until the repairs are complete. I will get lost and waste alot of gas.

I missed the color season but DH took some amazing pictures which I will post once I get him to send them to me. I am greatful that our car rides back and forth were uneventful. I am tired, I thought that I'd have 2 weeks of boredom and while things started out slow the first 2 days, they quickly built up speed and I could not believe it was time to come back so soon. Mom is doing well, she gets a bit confused at times with the meds and is tired because of them but she is doing so well the doctors agree that they want to cut her presciptions and hopefully eliminate many of them soon. Always a good thing. She is starting to look rather fragile. I hope she enjoys our visit with us. She said she liked my cooking and being waited on, even if I was the "salt ****"

I had a great chat with Laura, I am looking for ways to get up near her to meet face to face. I think there is a special bond with the Worldlies, we get along so well.

I have certainly missed the Internet and my connections with everyone. And I have missed my bed. My Mom's guestbed is pretty horrid so I slept on an Aerobed / blow up bed for the last 2 weeks. Not comfortable. And my Mom has mirrors on the dressers that are just the right size to convince me that I seriously need to do something on the weight front so I am going to try Weight Watchers one last time - probably more intensely once Mom goes back.

Anyway, it's pretty late. I wasn't expecting company when I left and while DH has kept the house tidy, I needed to prepare the upstairs for guests so I had some work ahead of me tonight. Then spent some time catching up online and I am yawning enough so that my eyes are tearing so I think it's time to get my PJs on and sink back into my wonderfully comfy bed for a good night's sleep. Lots to do tomorrow so I'll try and get on to catch up although it might not be until later tonight.

to all the chicks
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