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Hello Ladies,

Work is so busy right now, I don't know how I'm going to get everything in this month. State Fair, trip to IL, and a new program our group is moving to.. Maximo.. just found out I am on the team.. 3 x a week is what my training schedule is for the first month.. i'm already missing 4 days.. so much for training. I'm Blessed to have my job, but already getting stressed.

Mitchelle - so glad you were able to gather lots of boxes. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

Laura - Uh, oh, Laura has knife skills, we better watch out or she might cut us out.. Sounds like fun.. I've always wanted to take a food class over at whole foods. I will pm you my info, but definitely want to get together.
Do you know if any trains go from where i'm at to chicago? I need to look into that, but haven't had time.

Annie - sounds like your PaRty was a blast. So sorry that C brother had to ruin the surprise. Some people can't handle other people happiness.. Don't let it spoil yours.. I want to see Hotel Transylvannia too.

Shad - where are you at? What type of contracts are you doing?

Ceejay - No one like the gyn but it's important, I hope all goes well.

Mel - your definitely a early bird. Why at 7am, i'm just putting my makeup on. I love your photo, I just love fall, the pumpkins, the colors. This weekend I"m planning on going to the Dallas Arbortum and to see Chiuly a special event, and to see the big pumpkin display. I'll take pictures and post some..

Happy - hello to you...

Monthly Weigh-in

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