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I'm currently reading Hungry by Allen Zadoff. It's pretty good, he's doesn't shy away from some of the hard stuff, like there's just some things you might have to quit eating to keep from getting out of control and if something happens and you do get off track just get back on the next meal, not eating less because you ate more earlier, he says if you start doing that it kind of gives you permission to eat more if you eat less at a meal than normal and then you're back in that vicious cycle.

He talks alot about reaching out for support, not doing it alone and the emotional, etc. factors, not just diet, anyway, I'm enjoying it, got it free on kindle, he has it as an ebook for something like 2 or 3 bucks.

Although this thread is older, it's great to see some titles to check out. Always looking for something to read!

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