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There really isn't any difference between toning lean muscle and building muscle. Toning is more of a buzz-word than anything. Building muscle is very hard, so you need not worry about getting bulky.

For upper body I like: push ups (you can modify them by doing them at an angle -- hands on the couch, bench, etc, to make it more doable until you can push up on the ground), cable flys, dumbbell rows (flat bench or incline), seated row, lat pull down (wide grip, close grip, underhand, there are a lot of variations), shoulder press with dumbbells.

Are you doing lower body weight training too??? If not I definitely suggest doing so. Since there isn't any way to spot reduce, working out all of your muscles is the best way to go!

Also, if you are interested, theres's a great book called New Rules of Lifting for Women!
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