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Originally Posted by Rana View Post

I'll add that I'm losing weight with being under 150 grams of carbs, but I also will add that I'm not eating dairy or grains. I eliminated those from my diet because I was beginning to see a pattern of what looked like a milk allergy and I am testing that by not eating dairy for a while. And eliminating grains was something that I decided to add as a way to reduce my dependence on carbs and stay with the 150 or less based on my veggies and fruits and nuts.
Good for you giving up the dairy! Ugh, I keep trying - I think it contributes to a lot of my respiratory problems - but I find it so hard. I am strictly gluten free and in general I avoid grains but I've been thoroughly off the wagon lately. A few pages back someone mentioned problems with white rice and I totally agree, I might as well just eat sugar from the sugar bowl.

Someone also asked about popcorn. I can't eat it - gives me crazy, crazy cravings and while for some people it might be a good snack, I don't think it is for those of us with IR.

Hey Jamie. Usually with IR our insulin is high but it's still keeping our sugars normal. Down the track though it can deteriorate and people develop type 2 diabetes.

Metformin is supposed to help the cells become more insulin sensitive. Overall it's supposed to be a pretty safe drug to take and millions of diabetics take it too so they have a lot of data on it. There can be some complications so your doctor will monitor you but I've taken it for about 3 years now with no problems. The regular version can be pretty brutal on the digestive system at first though, even the extended release version (which is what I take) needs you to slowly increase the dosage or omg you never leave the bathroom!

For me Metformin helped get rid of that shakey suddenly insanely hungry feeling. I used to think that I could eat my own arms I was so starving. Also learning how to eat better *for me* helped (learning that there was a physiological reason that low fat high carb was a total nightmare for my body, no matter what the stupid pyramid says)
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