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This thread makes me miss shows and concerts. Maybe I should do more of that and not feel like life is a reward earned only after repairing my deficiencies in hotness. In the past ten years I've gone up and down with the same 50 pounds over and over and I'm in a life-lull at the moment and now wondering if those things are related...
Yep. It is, I think, punishingly bad for your mental health to tie non-food pleasures (concerts, beaches, swimming, fun, day-trips, WHATEVER they are) to diet rewards. And easier to embrace weight-loss and its attendant disappointments and challenges if you are enjoying the rest of your life.

Also: how cool! re:

The last concert I went to, oddly, was a contemporary classical performance which included a song for which I wrote the libretto.
I am not particularly familiar with much contemporary classical work, but probably the best opera I've ever seen was Osvaldo Golijov's Ainadamar. With Dawn Upshaw. So spectacular, even if I cheaped out and bought the worst seats ever.

The wombats last weekend
kelly - I'd never heard of them, but just listened to Let's Dance to Joy Division on youtube. So fun!

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