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Originally Posted by Floprieto
I found another great recipe last night on the mymedifast website and I cannot wait to cook it!

I will paste it for you'll it was created by luckyguy71:

"I haven't missed a lot of foods - but one I really enjoy is BUFFALO WINGS. I discovered a new product put out by Emeril Lagasse. It is called Emeril's WING SAUCE - it looks like tabasco sauce and has 0 calories and 0 carbs per tsp serving. You use it like tabasco.
Here is what I did for my lean and green dinner tonight.

1) Poach a standard boneless/skinless chicken breast until mostly cooked.
2) Slice it - like stips
3) toss it in your teflon frying pan or one with a light spray of PAM just to finish cooking it and brown it a bit - not too much though or it will be dry.
4) add 1-2 tsps of EMERIL'S WING SAUCE and toss. You don't need much! it spreads well.

I then tossed a Romaine Lettuce salad (2 cups) with about a Tablespoon of KRAFT LIGHT DONE RIGHT ROKA BLUE CHEESE DRESSING.

Plate: put the salad on a large dinner plate and create a "hallow" in the center of the salad - then put the chicken breast in the middle. And Enjoy!

It was GREAT! I got all the flavor of Buffalo wings - even the blue cheese dressing and I stayed on the Medifast Plan! AWESOME! If you are a Buffalo Wing Fan - try this recipe.

The only caution I would give is for those on a sodium restricted diet (which I am not) I did notice that the condiments both the wing sauce and the lite Blue cheese salad dressing have a kind of high sodium content - so just read the label first and don't add extra if you don't need it."

I will let you'll know as soon as i try this!

OK... I finally tried it and let me tell you... IT IS AMAZING!! I struggled to find the wing sauce (Found it at Albertsons) and it was DELISH!!! I modified it a little bit. I used WF creamy bacon salad dressing (0 cal) so that i can add some real blue cheese (2TBS) and keep about the same number of cal! I will definitely cook this again!!!
Thank you so much for sharing! This is my new favorite!

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