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S/C/G: ~175/Too Much/~~ABS

Height: 5'3.5"


Star: Isn't it odd that you develop all that reshaping and don't really lose any weight How much longer do you have with the program? I can hardly wait to see the results. I hope you took before, mid-way thru, and after pics!! I NEED evidence!!!

Jo: I gave in to your advice & returned to the gym. I will have water weight anyway from TOM, but I sure did want to have a nice, flatter-looking ab section. I'll carry my pooch with me :sad:

Kristiina: My sweet friend--you are so right about the biking! I really have an acquired taste for it, but like fine wine--it keeps getting better with the miles
I seriously hope you are able to get into a nice fall routine & stay our of the 150s. Don't they just suck the life out of you!!

all around this thread. We defo need it with all of the setbacks we've had.
I'm a 13.1!!

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