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Originally Posted by Lovelyloser View Post
Hi all! I'm new to the forums (first time writing in a forum about anything), and just completed week 2 of IP. I've been finding that I'm feeling way more hungry in the last couple days than I did in the first 2 weeks. I've been following the protocol really carefully and have had good losses, but don't understand why I'm feeling more hungry now than at the beginning. Any insights or encouragement would be appreciated!

Also, not sure if I'm even posting this in the proper place, there seems to be so many threads, I wasn't sure where to start.
You will find the most support in the Daily thread, its the one most people view and comment in. Make sure you are keeping veggies cut up and in reach at all times to snack on. Chew gum (if allowed by your coach) to help with the hunger. Drink more water or eat a salad since Lettuce is unlimited, You just have to distract yourself because its more than likely boredom more than hunger

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