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Isabella - Hunger was never an issue for me until the nutritionist ruined me and got me eating every couple hours, Now... there are days that people have to keep arms away from me cause I will just take a bite,

Krystal - So great that you are fully recovered!!! I am so glad to hear that!!! As for the gym, I am with Jo... jump right in. Ease into the weights to see what your body will tolerate, but get back on the horse. Hope you enjoy the trip though and great job on setting yourself in for another half!!! Wow!!! You are so inspiring to me
As for the luscious curves... I don't know. Still have not taken off a single pound. Matter of fact, I had gone back up, and now back into the decade I have been in. Apparently I lose 10lbs now and go on a 6 month plateau every time I am seeing things move around and shift on my body as they did last time, and gaining a ton of muscle. Just not getting smaller and wearing the same clothes. Good on the pocketbook, frustrating on the ego,

Kristiina - Great job finding an addiction that helps with your weight If you are going to get addicted, can definitely think of worse things than a bike. Sorry to hear about the cheese. I totally understand though. I am totally lactose intolerant, AND when I slip... I have mad colon issues for days! Have been taken off dairy for medical reasons and I used to LOVE me some yogurt and cheese... those were my things I would go to in order to have healthy snack and stay away from sweet carbs.

Jo - How are things with you? It's great to see you pop in!!!! Miss yer face!

As for me - Still working long hours, going to college full time, and tending the house/kids. Insanity is going forward. I did have one setback that put me behind schedule for a week, but have been back on track and moving forward. If this workout for month 2 doesn't kill me, I suspect I will definitely see even a bigger difference in composition then I did the first month Here's hoping for survival!!!

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