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Originally Posted by Sum38 View Post
on 4 pounds! -- I was down to 149 and today scale was nearly 155...darn cheese. I know I can't eat it, it irritates my gallbladder, and I am too stupid to stay away from it. My belly looks like that I am 7 months preggo...oh when do I learn???

I have no suggestions for you, except, start biking -- I am TOTALLY addicted to it now.
You'll be back down to the 140s in no time, sounds like an intolerance. Have you ever tried taking digestive enzymes with things like that? Maybe do an experiment in a couple weeks with similar to what you ate this time, but take digestive enzymes with it and see if it helps. Only problem is if it doesn't then you will feel like yuck again and blame it on me! Hope you feel better soon. Great job on the bike rides and don't know if you noticed, but I commented on your mfp update, love your new avitar!
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