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Originally Posted by Delgen View Post

When my losses slowed down, I went to low carb veggies such as spinach and celery.

And OH! I remember people saying that when you have those cravings you probably have a big loss coming!

Get through this next week, with TOM, and I bet you will see the sun on the other side.
Thanks so much - good idea with the lower carb veggies - I hadn't thought of that -

Originally Posted by bsaad23 View Post
WOW, look at how far you've come...incredible and you should be so proud!
Cravings are certainly normal, so cave in for a moment...but do it OP.
If you crave sweets, try Rainbows Cinnamon Jicama chips...they are OMG good. Completely satisfy my sweet tooth..(and that's not easy to do)

Salty, crunchy, grab a pack of the IP white cheddar ridges. I find those to be really salty.

Look at a picture of yourself before you started.
Drink a lot of hot herbal tea.

I'm sure by this point you know all the tricks.... The trick right now to find a way to stay OP...your SO close to your goal....YOU CAN DO IT.
And when that delightful TOM passes, you will be so glad you plowed thru it.
The bright side: at least your young enough to still have a

My Mom used to say to me " your patience is just getting a little exercise today "

Thanks for the help!
I'll have to look for those jicama chips - do I need a dehydrator for them?

Waving goodbye to weight - 1 for each 5 lbs gone
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