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Originally Posted by MommaHen View Post

So I hope everyone has a great weekend and is able to stay 100% OP. I know I made the right choice this morning to go back to bed and not let waking up in a bad mood impact my diet!!! Just another step in the right direction for me.
Good to have some positive thinking.

When we start to change our lifestyles, we also change our emotional outlets. So if one is an emotional eater, or uses food to either express or hide behind emotions, and then STOPS that type of response, the emotions come out in more natural ways.
So perhaps you were feeling crappy and in a bad mood as a reaction to the changes in how you express your emotions.

What you did was really an excellent response to a bad mood. You re-framed your thinking, and your attitude changed. You changed your mind about it, in other words.

The really good thing about that, is that you will know how to do that next time you have a similar "attitude" or situation.

Not only are we changing our eating habits, but our learning how to more appropriately express and deal with our day to day emotions.

Originally Posted by scorbett1103 View Post

Hoping to get back on the meal planning bandwagon this weekend, I used to be SO good about making my cooking plan ahead of time, but I've fallen way off with that. Just when I need it most, too! I've been going through my recipes to see which ones are already Phase 1 friendly and which can be modified. One of the menu planning mailers I get has a Paleo option that will be handy in Maintenance, but not always phase 1 friendly

If you get in the habit now, it will pay off in phase 3.
I am having to get used to planning and tracking everything on Similar to yours. I like it since it has IP products in the database.

I have struggled with the tracking in phase 3, and the sheets my coach gave me are confusing and contradictory. I will point it out to her when I go back. In phase 3, I skip a WI week. I wonder if that is typical. I feel a little alone, except for all the great P3 advice I have gotten here. LizzR got my on track right away!!!! Thanks to her, I am doing much better.
I like the breakfasts, and am never hungry, but I am trying to make sure I am 100% accurate in my tracking.

So...long response to you!
Glad you are tracking now, since it will be awesome for you in phase 3!

Originally Posted by KathrynRose View Post
Today was weigh-in day and I am down another 2.1 pounds. I can't go to the clinic next week, so I am hoping for a big loss in two weeks. I have had a hard time with cravings this past week. I want them to go away! I want to lose more that 14 pounds by November 17, so 14 pounds in 9 weeks, still seems doable. My total weight loss so far is 50.5 pounds.

You have lost almost as much as a small gymnast!



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