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Originally Posted by caramelkitty View Post
You guys!!! Seriously I'm tearing up, I love you guys so much!! Thank you for the sweet sweet words. It's overwhelming xoxo

I had to break down my meals in 3 meals of 300 calories and 3 snacks of 100 calories.

For example when I first started:

Breakfast: Cereal high in fiber with skim milk
Snack: Apple or Banana and some almonds
Lunch: Turkey sandwich on whole wheat toast with an orange or mango
Snack: Veggies galore lol
Dinner: Grilled chicken salad, or salmon or tilapia, usually a lean meat with A LOT of salad
After my workout I'd have a low cal pudding but at least 4 hours before bed, I just found my tummy had a hard time digesting if I ate too late.

Wow! You must've had insane willpower to START your diet on that

I would love to do that and might just try... haha

Again, thanks for sharing your story! You inspire me!

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