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Default Life Changing Morning Drink- No Eggs

So one day, near the end of phase 1 I got bored of eggs, sometimes I need a change. I was reading on your forums here and saw a couple of smoothie ideas so I decided to give it a whirl. Maybe one of you guys can tell me if its a good one. Also the measurements are kind of subjective because my blender has a small bowl attachment that pretty much fills my 24 oz Tervis cup once I am done blending. So here goes:

Spinach or Kale- as much as I can loosely get into the blender maybe 2 cups
Almond Milk 3-4 tbsp
1/3 cup Plain Low Sugar Yogurt (I like greek)
1/2 a banana (freeze the other half for tomorrow)
Ice -Fill her up
Water- just enough to make the blender do its thing.

Optional: any other fruit you might like (sparingly-small piece of cantaloupe or apple) or Cucumber. Fresh mint if you got it, a little mint goes a long way.

So the devil is in the details. How you go about this is almost as important as what goes in.

Step 1.
Put all veggies, and mint if you like, in the blender with the almond milk and a touch of water. Blend until the green stuff is liquid. The more you go the better on this part you can add water if it looks a little pesto like. You know its done when there are no leaf like shapes in the blender. I know you are thinking this will taste like a salad, I promise it wont.

Step 2
Add yogurt and fruit. If you use frozen fruit you wont need as much ice so blend this with out the ice for now. You can add a little water if its too thick. Again blend till your hearts content. It should be smooth, green, and thin-ish

Step 3
Put in the ice, start with a few small handfuls and blend adding more until the texture and thickness is to your preference

Let me know what you guys think
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