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Kristiina: Well now, fancy that! We are the same weight. The water weight is being reduced around my muscles. I'll be good and sore next week when I re-join all the fun that surely awaits me. Does spoon to mouth count as formal exercise?

Isabella: I'm happy to see your return. Looks as though the summer was cruel to more than a couple of us, eh? No worries, dear. Just climb back on board. They say it's easier to lose 10 than 50, but I wouldn't know that. Some people have lost 50+ in a year's time, and I am still on the same dang 10!! Go figure!

Star: So lovely to see your Insanity avi! You're gonna be by Christmas!! I see a new party dress in your wardrobe soon, sporting your hawt, luscious curves
I'm a 13.1!!

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