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Oh this is cool - something visual to help with the walk too. And since all things Tolkien will become popular again, that's even cooler. A few years back my husband went as gandolf, my young son as Frodo, the baby as a baby hobbit and me as a peasant woman... maybe NEXT time we dress up I can go as one of the pretty, thinner women in the story! At 265 that seemed stupid (when we dressed up that's what I weighed).

So, I'm in. I have only 4 miles so far as I walked 3 yesterday and 1 today. I also have a step counter, but I won't count daily walking - just workout walking as I do a lot of walking. I'll count an hour of step aerobics (which I do once or twice a week) as walking 4 miles because I walk 4 miles in an hour.

Fun challenge!

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