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Morning all,
and an early morning it is too. 5.15am on a Sunday. But when sleep is not coming back again, then I guess it is time to get up and get cracking. Hence the early morning post.
The bin project is mostly done, just need to tidy up, hose down the dust, get some decorative pebbles to scatter around and put the bins back. The pebbles won't come until I have done the other side of the driveway and started on that garden that DS2 built the block wall for all that time ago. But my next project will be to put a roof on the pergola at the back of the house. It will help to keep the sun out of the house during the big heat of summer and hopefully the house will then remain cooler. however plans may change because I think DS2 has the big ladder and the big drill around at the other place. There is plenty of other projects to be going on with. A ramp is not one of them. Why would I need one for Mel when the house is flat on the deck on a concrete pad. My biggest problem would be widening the front door. Else she may have to come in around the back and through my bedroom.

Laura, Annie, Michelle - hope the meeting is going along fine and you haven't come to blows or been banished from the coffee shop for making so much noise or being drunk and disorderly. Have a great time

Ceejay - Don't think I could be Pres or Vice Pres over there. Not being born in the country appears to be a good enough reason over there. Damned if I know what we would do with that rule over here or in New Zealand, since there are so many people in Parliament who have Aust or NZ citizenship but were not born here or there.

Mel - as before, no ramp needed, just bring yourself, bumper bars and an ejection seat to get you over the gate in case I am not here when you arrive.

Happy - Good to know you are somewhat enjoying the job. It will certainly get you out of the house and away from those boxes. Still as always there is the catch up to do when you get home. So pleased to hear good news for your Mum. She may yet outlive us. Hope it improves her quality of life greatly and you need to work on getting her into a smaller place -easier to maintain and secure than her present place. Good luck with that. I've been trying to remember how my cousin got her mother to move from the draughtly old barn of a place to a relatively new town unit - boy now there was stubborn personified. If I figure it out, I will let you know.

Hellos to Ellen, Turtle and Patty. Ellen is probably running for her life and kids as usual and the turtle withdrawn to her shell, but where is Patty?

Okay, dawn is breaking over here. Need to get on with the day.
DS2 has run into the dreaded asbestos in his reno of the rental house. He and g/f are dolled up like white ghosts with facemasks and on the way out again. He's come to borrow my old hose and my old vaccuum cleaner - neither of which I will get back since they may be carrying dust. He is armed with a huge stack of thick black plastic bags and tape to seal them, she is armed with the hose attachments and the hose for spraying him and the asbestos bits down. All we need now is Mike Holmes to do an inspection. Bring him on.

I have run out of coffee bags and need to buy another tarp for the remaining gravel so I had better go and get on with my day. Part way through a purge in my wardrobe. I can do some more of that before the shops open. The cat appears to be considering a move to the other bedroom since she might get tossed with the clothes in mine. I'm coming back as a spoilt madam cat in my next life.
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