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Good morning ladies,

I still don't know what's the date or even the day of the week without looking at my computer. Guess I have to get a new battery for my watch that has the date on it.

My Mom (God love her) zipped through her medical procedure yesterday and is doing fine. I talked to her last night. She was a bit cranked up because the nurses told her she could go home afterwards but my sister had to remind her (a lot) that the doctor wanted her to stay overnight for observation due to her advanced age. She is in a private room, only issue is that they have a shared bathroom amongst a couple of rooms but the hospital is wonderful and the staff very very attentive. She will get released today and spend a few days with my sister. Her heart got shocked back into rhythm, blood pressure is down and she appears to be doing well. Hope it stays that way Thanks to all who sent up some prayers for her.

I am working today. So tired I went to bed at 10 last night and slept until 6 this morning. Tried to get a bit more sleep in but I guess I had enough so got up, turned the heat on in the house and made some coffee. Just me and the owner today and since yesterday was a very busy day with people leaving town and stocking up on their popcorn, I want to get in a bit early and bag some product just so I don't get caught short and scrambling. I work 5 days next week so that's going to be just as frantic as this week. I'm getting used to it - both my mind and body but I still come home wiped out and not good for much other than eating, sitting in the recliner and then going to bed. This is why I don't want to work more than 3 days a week. Not getting anything done around here. I should be getting to the 3 day schedule soon.

Laura, Michelle and Annie - safe travels today and I hope you have a wonderful day together.

Mel - I like your Autumn "threads" Glad that Shad put some sunshine in your day and that quiet, wry smile one gets when they are feeling good. I can just imagine the conversations that go on. I'd probably laugh myself into coughing fits. You'd be surprised how quickly you get immune to the popcorn. I taste a kernel here and there but it doesn't really tempt me much. I did buy 2 bags for home and have a handful for a snack occasionally. Everyone in the family thinks they are getting popcorn for Christmas gifts Hey, with all those power tools Shad has, she can probably build you a mighty fine ramp herself. And if she's missing something, we already know you don't have to ask twice to get her to the home improvement store

Michelle - my heart goes out to you. I know the feeling. There have been times in our relationship where we were not getting along at all so I know the heavy heart you must feel. I hope he comes to his senses. Besides a loving wife, you also have the better job and the better insurance. And this would be very disruptive to the plans made with his mother. He would be throwing something very precious away. Don't sell yourself short to compromise. Sometimes it's a bump in the road you both need to work out, sometimes you've just become 2 different people that it will never be the same. I pray that you find some peace and the best thing for you. And the ZzzzzQuil does work very well for those restless nights. If not, drive up and I'll put you to work for 8 hours in the shop - that will tucker you for sure

Laura - yes, the steam mop is not good for wood floors. The other thing about it is that since it's just water - you don't get the soap scent / fresh smell of clean that you do with traditional mop and water cleaning. We have a big Bissell upright style carpet cleaner. It's kind of awkward on throw rugs - most of mine I wash and I don't have any runners. I did almost ruin a wool area rug trying to clean that. It was never quite the same afterwards I would advise to get the best you can afford and not cheap out on the cleaner as it will only cheap out on the quality of cleaning. Some things are like that. The pork roast sounded delicious. I have some peach jam that I might try that with. Too bad you don't have a hint on the cookbook. There's only about 2,000 slow cooker books And I have heard of the apricot jam / pork recipe before so I can't even venture a hint. "Gladhand" yep, I don't think I want to know but we can certainly offer some creative suggestions

Ceejay - new SuperWalmart - how exciting! As for your "friend" - glad you recognized ahead of time and decided not to get suckered into being a servant for this woman. I know how hard it is to say no to those people sometimes and then you drive away kicking yourself for being so gullible.

I need to hop in the shower if I'm going to get out of here early. Hellos to Annie and Ellen and Patty and Java.

Enjoy your weekend chicks.
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