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As some of you know, I have been very ill with a serious skin infection that started last Saturday.
A week later, I am much better than what I was over the last week.
I have been on a liquid diet this whole week, due to the location of the infection.
I have been bedridden since Wednesday, which is NO FUN AT ALL!

I am completely bored at home, b/c I hate tv, but my furbabies have been angels--allowing me to rest. K9s are very intuitive like that--River knows something is wrong and she just comes and lies down next to me and places her heavy head on my leg--so calm. So NOT like her! She's usually running around, playing, and trying to get me to play.

I have to be cleared by employee health before I can return to work, which hopefully will be next Tuesday.

I sail in 22 days--I sure hope this thing has completely healed by then!!
I have been anticipating this cruise for 6 months!!

Scale is still the same, but I'm not stressing over that. I am doing good to blink, much less any formal exercise atm!

Hope you all are having a great week--enjoying the much cooler temps.

Miss you all dearly!
I'm a 13.1!!

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