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Morning all,
Not much to report today. It's another lovely sunny day. Bit cool this morning, but it will warm up soon.
Today I am going to put the weed mat down on my project and then get the stones and cement to fill it back up with again. I need to check out the pavers and get some more if necessary. The concrete bit is going to make me sweat and no doubt swear as well. But one more thing out of the way. Nearly done.

Mel - no need to send sun. We have plenty. We'll take a bit of rain tho' but not as much as in 2010 okay?? Friday, your time it is. Now better set my alarm for Saturday morning.

Laura - I always find it amazing that some of our supermarkets have empty shelves. I ask myself why this is when they employ people at night to restock shelves and they always seem to have big trollies of boxes in the aisles that I want to be in during the day.

Ellen - yep I agree about putting more into the wedding than the marriage. Seems to me that they seem to think that everything builds to that one day. Don't they stop to think that there is another 50 years after that day?

Happy - keys to the store!!! Access to the yoghurt machine, access to the popcorn machine. Sounds like hippy heaven. Poor DH. Funny how their minds focus on only the obvious.

Annie - not here yet. Okay - hope the teeth have made their appearance now. DS1 always had terrible trouble with teeth. Maybe that's where he developed a taste for Scotch!

Michelle - Where is the DMIL in all this? Listen to what he has to say but reserve judgement for when the facts are apparent. The separation while he is in CA may be good for both of you to step back and think about this.

Better go and get on with the day. Miss Puss is waiting for me to go outside so she can supervise the days labours. Mind you she does this mostly with her eyes closed.
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