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Hello Worldlies. Happy Hump Day!

Ellen - Hope you got to do some mall walking today. The yogalaties class I'm thinking of taking is offered by our local HS district community education program. I've never taken a class through them, but it might be a nice change of pace. I'm still on the fence about it. Usually I've taken classes through the Mt. Prospect Park District, and before that, I did Jazzercise.

Mel - Love the graphic today - especially that hot pink color! Had to look up the movie you mentioned! Too funny that Richard Burton played an (East) Indian doctor, but then again a lot of the old Westerns had white men in the roles of the (Native American) Indians. Have a good trip to Trader Joe's tomorrow - I have to get over there myself sometime soon. Yogalates sounds similar to a PIYO class I took with my fitness passport (Pilates/Yoga combo).

Shad - Let DS fuss, you know what you're doing with those power tools! Re getting seems like Jazzercise went up in price a lot too. Now there's a joining fee as well as a monthly fee. I'm still on their mailing list and I just received a mailing from my old instructor - $99 for the rest of the year, no joining fee! Now that's a good deal. Too bad it's a bit far to drive with these gas prices, not to mention the travel time.

Hellos to the rest of the Wordlies.
Boring night last night - dinner at Culver's, then to the market and then to Walmart. Bad day to shop at Walmart - the shelves needed restocking badly. Have to remember that. Back to the thought that Friday would be a good night to do the shopping - I should think the shelves would be stocked in preparation for the weekend onslaught. Bf laughed when I told him that it could be our date night, lol.

Nothing planned tonight. I need to do some sorting in our home office - my motivation is that I'm looking for something!! Yes, me, who never gets rid of any paper, can't find the particular papers I'm looking for. Sigh. So I could have pitched everything and had the same outcome, but with a much cleaner office.
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