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Good morning ladies,

Woke up to a big storm outside - thunderboomers AND hail. Glad I didn't have to go out in it. And this was a 30 percent chance of rain The storm came along with colder weather. By Friday we are looking at lows in the mid 30's again. Time to get the tarp out. The cucumbers are about done. The green bell peppers are coming into their own finally and the jalapenos are sprouting like mad. My grape tomatoes are doing fine, I get more than I can eat each day. Not so sure about the regular tomatoes. I have lots of green ones but without consistent hot temperatures they are just not tasting as fresh as the smaller grape tomatoes. I know at most the garden will only last until the end of the month, if that long. Debating about planting garlic this fall. I thought the grow your own stuff my cousin gave me was quite flavorful. Anyway, so much for the farm report

Work yesterday wasn't bad. We had a steady stream of customers, slow enough for me to easily keep up with them. I will be working every other day definitely this week and perhaps more days next week as the owners have some travel plans and committments and would like me and the other new girl to handle the store. Boss said she almost called yesterday to say she'd be coming in late just to let me open by myself. On only my second day????? But I don't know how to turn on the yogurt machine Actually I'll be ok, just like she said. Guess I should get there 15 minutes early instead of 5 minutes just in case. Not that anyone's banging down the door in the early morning to get popcorn. Working does get me into more of a routine though. Forces me to make sure certain things get done because I don't have the luxury of saying I'll do it later. Last night DH made dinner - grilled pork chops. I bought some fingerling potatoes at the farmers market - never had those before - he looked up a recipe on the Internet and roasted them. When I walked in the door my sister had called so I was talking to her as he prepared dinner. I wanted to see what it was like to be on the other side of the table, where I just come from work and dinner was ready for me DH was going back and forth checking on the chops and the table wasn't set nor was the cucumbers and fresh tomatoes cut up. I asked him when dinner would be ready and he said "sooner if I get a little help here" (meaning I had to cut up the veggies and set the table). DH is not good at multitasking I just thought it was amusing that he can only do one thing at a time - guess no career as a caterer for him Anyway dinner was delicious. He really can cook nicely.

Got an email from my partner in crime back at my old job. Same old garbage going on - reward the inept, punish and hold back the people doing the real work. So glad I am out of there.

Today would be good day to catch up on some laundry, finish up the data entry for the museum and make some nice soups. Got a knock off recipe for Famous Dave's Chicken Wildrice soup that I've been meaning to make. DH also found a recipe for a slow roasted beef stew that sounded good even for someone (like me) who's not that fond of beef stew. Unless it comes with some fresh baked bread

Ellen - God bless you if you decide to take up running - especially if it's to motivate DS. I wouldn't run if someone was chasing me or if I was on fire Interesting point you make about people working on their marriage as hard as they did in the wedding planning. Watching Bridezilla is one of my guilty pleasures and I can't believe the extent of the expense these girls spend on trivial things for their wedding. Talk about entitlement. And considering most of these marriages won't last five years makes it all the more ridiculous. But I digress ... hope you enjoy the nice weather while you're outside with the kids. How cool that you got to see a deer up close.

Mel - hope the rain dries up for you. Some sunshine is nice too. Especially this time of year. Hope you have a good trip to Trader Joe's. I'm kind of jealous that you get to roam the aisles of all that great pre-cooked stuff. They probably have California Rolls too Happy Shopping!

Shad - so glad to hear that you didn't zap yourself with the power saw. I have great respect for gas and electricity as you don't often get a second chance to recover from an oops moment. And my cousin has a friend who lopped off 3 fingers when momentarily distracted while operating the circular saw. And yes, I don't intend to become a slave to the job ever again. I told DH the best kind of job is the one you don't need where you can call the shots

Michelle - funny you say that about R Patterson. I feel the same way about Zac Effron even worse I could potentially be as old as his grandma but lets not go there Hope you guys have a nice time on Saturday, wish I could have made it but for sure it's out with the work schedule. I hope things are going better for you and DH.

Annie - sounds like you had a nice couple of days outside of poor Lil Man's teeth issues. Good food and good company. Looks like Sassy is a hit. I love you coming up with all kinds of nicknames with Sassy had a good laugh and several smiles over that one. Also C is a good sport letting Ainsley dress him up. There is a reality show on now Where the Women Went or something like that. Small South Carolina town where the women over 18 were all taken away for a week and the menfolk left on their own to deal with the babies and businesses and such. It's a social experiment. To boot they had to help out with a local tea for the froo froo ladies as well as have their daughters participate in a beauty pagent. It's a cute premise. C dressing up reminded me of the lost dads at the beauty pagent. Thanks for the tip on the socks. I have 2 pairs of cushy shoes which help alot. There are rather fitted so I don't know if I have anything that would be enough for the extra socks but I will check it out - maybe with my standard sneakers. I also figured out like you that letting some hot water in the bottom of the tub while showering feels good on the feet.

Laura - yes, the popcorn is not a temptation for me. Yesterday I did have a small bit of the lemon yogurt which was quite good. Tangy like yogurt used to be before they added all the sugar and flavorings in it. I did like that so it's probably fortunate that she'll only be running the machines for another week. The owner is fit and trim and she said after 4 years in this business, she still goes home with a sore back and feet so while it gets better as I get used to it, not sure I'll ever walk out at the end of the day not happy that the day is over with If you can do a spin, yogalates and a strength class each week, that seems a good mix of all the right things. Twice a week each would be better but hey, that's what we who are not born rich with alot of time on our hands have to suffer Hope you guys have a nice time together this weekend.

I've been on and off the computer for hours now. I need to focus on getting some things done so later chicks
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