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Good Morning! Good Morning! Dh has been on a Beatles kick, so I have that part stuck in my head. LOL yesterday was nice. My mom woke up late, so we did not do a mall walk, instead I drove up to her house and then we went to walmart. DD3 really cleaned up, got coloring books, a paint set bubbles and a pair of flip flops. All I went in for was razors for DH…LOL

Yesterday was busy as always. Having kids in sports keeps me running after school and I am trying not to be lazy during the day with DD3. DS & DD1 had a cross country meet yesterday. Both did ok considering the humidity…DS is still not pushing himself, I am thinking I may have to start running to mke him push harder. My knees and ankles are not going to like that! Then once I got everyone home I ran back out for curriculum night at DD2’s school.

Today I am planning on a Mall Walk with mom, taking the kids for an unofficial practice (coach has a staff meeting) and hitting a craft store looking for supplies for a small project for my friend’s wedding. Looking like we are going to get more rain…will have to run thru the rain drops

Ceejay~take care with your headache. ((hugs)) for a quick recovery!

Happy~your fahita’s sound so good! I am trying to walk a little everyday , one of these days I will incorporate weights or a resistance band for my arms

Annie~ROFL I love when the kids “dress ppl up” I hope C had a good time playing along. I hope Lil man is feeling better…cutting teeth has to be the worst.

Michelle~So glad you and DH are both committed and communicating. I just had a discussion over the weekend about people in general need to put in as much or more work into the marriage as they do into the wedding. More hugs and Prayers

Laura~the yogalates class sounds neat. Do you take your classes thru the MP park district??

Shad~Please do be careful with the power tools. Wouldn’t want you to have a frizzy fro!! Yes the healthcare systems are really different, I guess if it was just Dh and I it would be better to do what you do, but with all the kids all it takes is one minor accident and my savings would be wiped out!

Melody~Hope the rains stop long enough for your TJ trip today!

OK, gotta get rolling. This took me way too long esp with having to stop and direct children. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday/Thursday!
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