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Thanks guy's !! After a long weekend of being incredibly sick with a chest cold that's FINALLY gone, I ended up eating some pizza and a couple of slices of garlic fingers over the weekend, I also had some strawberry shortcake, and thankfully not all in one

When i got on the scale this morning, I still ended up getting down to a total of 40 lbs gone ! I'm incredibly excited about it. But new week, new month and a whole new complete overhaul on my eating habits.

I also spent the weekend doing a bit of research on the Paleo "diet" and from what i've read, it makes a lot of sense to me. I will not be completely cutting out every thing since i plan on having one healthy "cheat" day per week(like having milk, since that's restricted, and a really good veggie filled turkey or chicken sandwich with some really good cheese, or having some whole grain brown rice or quinoa, which those are technically also restricted).

I don't like to say i'm never going to have "such and such" again because yeah, there will be a time where i'm going to have that piece of cake or yeah i'm going to go for ice cream with my son. But at least for the next 30 days (excluding 1 day a week) i'm pretty ok with restricting myself to 100% clean eating habits and if things go really well, then i'll extend it again for another 30 days and so on and so forth, at least until I hit goal and go into maintenance and keep the "restricted" items limited to a few times a week and not an every day kind of thing.

The oddest thing is going to be not having cheerio's for breakfast LOL.
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Mini goal- to lose 40 lbs (September 4th 2012 !!!!)
Last goal of a total 130lbs lost by Dec 2013 (61 lbs to go !)
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