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I was excited to see some replies to my cookbook question. Thanks, everyone. I hope other people chime in with cookbooks they like. I know we can go online and search for them; I drool over them at the library and bookstore, too. But there is nothing like recommendations from people in the same boat you're in. That's why I wanted to hear what others here might like, especially people who do like to cook. As much as I do tend to read the comments by readers, I don't entirely trust them. I do trust the people here, though.

I went today to a Barnes and Noble and drooled over the latest cookbooks. But I ended up buying 2 magazines: Cooking Light and Clean Eating. Both of them seem to have a lot of things not related to cooking. On amazon I saw many readers of Cooking Light say that the magazine had "fattened up" in past years, with recipes with higher calorie counts and more emphasis on comfort foods (fatty ones) and lifestyle articles that they had in the past.

I almost bought a "Heart-Healthy" recipe magazine by Sanje Gupta. The problem is, the calorie and total fat count of many recipes was rather high. So I didn't buy it.

Tonight's dinner was pretty typical for me: I worked late and when I got home I was too pooped to care about cooking. So I did what I usually do: I sauteed a protein with vegetables in 1 tsp. of olive oil, and used some hummous as a "sauce." All of it was carefully measured out, so I didn't overdo it. And it tasted okay. I'm not sure I would serve this to anyone, though. I don't really think of this as "cooking." The protein I used was a Quorn frozen "naked chik'n cutlet." The texture of it, once it's softened up in the skilled with a little olive oil, is a lot of chicken--dryer, but I don't mind it.

What I need to do is cook up a storm on the weekends and have things ready to heat up when I get home. I have a tiny apartment, tiny kitchen, and tiny refrigerator and freezer unit, so I am a little limited to cooking in bulk.

Well, I appreciate the recommendations you all have given and will check them out.

I hope to hear more from cookbook lovers and people who love-like to cook.

Have a great evening.
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