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Morning all,
Awake early again today so I thought that I would get on with life as it is at the moment from an early start. Then I came in here and just know I put in a post yesterday but can't find it anywhere. So maybe it was only in my dreams. So I am sorry but all those witty comment have been knicked by the ethermonster.

Yesterday I spent using power tools - circular saw and angle grinder and cut some sleepers to fit below the fence so the roots from next doors golden cane palms and duranta bush will not take over my patch again. DS2 was not happy about me with the saw. I had to make regular updates to assure him my hair was not frizzy or I had not electrocuted myself by cutting through the power cord. Apparently I am not old enough yet to understand the magical powers of electricity and the need for care. But then again, I hear some of my own words coming back at me from the last three decades so maybe he did listen to me occasionally back then.

Michelle - good to hear that you are keeping the communication going. I hope this continues for you both. Marriage is indeed a tricky business. I know I found the 'togetherness' very trying for long periods of time. I remember saying 'we are not joined physically at the hip, only in writing on paper'. I needed some independence. Well now I have complete independence. It is not always what it is cracked up to be, but I wouldn't change my life - although one should never say never I guess.

Happy - survived day 1. Always a bonus. Hope you only get to do a couple of days a week. It is nice to have income, but not be slave to the job.

Ceejay - hope the head is better.

Annie - poor lil Sassy. Bet she had a guilty look on her face when you got back to the room.

Laura - Hope you decide on exercise classes soon. The yoga-lates sounds a bit like the body balance I used to do. They no longer do it in any of the gyms close to me, guess Les Mills (creator and distributor of the classes licences) got too greedy and charged too much, so they got cancelled. Once this project is over I will look at going back to gym to use up my pass at least.

Ellen - sounds expensive. It is expensive but just because I don't have a 'proper' medical insurance doesn't mean the money isn't there. Years ago I set up a term investment called my medical fund because I could not see the point in paying a company all that money per year and not get the use out of it. Now I will be using the interest gained on that money to pay for the tooth. Not exactly a free tooth, but it's the first time in a long time I have had to draw money out of the medical fund. Sure it is a gamble not having insurance but as my accountant agreed, our health system is very good and if I get sick with any disease I just go right in anyway, and if I am sick or in a car accident, I get the same treatment regardless of whether I have insurance or not. Our system is so different to yours.

Mel - what day are we at now. Oh yes Wednesday. I will set a date for my Saturday morning and your Friday arvo. The Mid Western chicks will be meeting that weekend as well so we will need to set the world to rights before they go haring off and doing our job for us.

Right time to go and get with the day. Dawn has moved from cold gray to pearly opalescence and the sun will be here any minute now. No drawn out - do I have to - oh okay then I will get up - sun here. It's dark, then light, then the sun comes up and the day heats up. Supposed to get to 29 on Friday and we are only in Spring. Going to be a long hot summer I think.
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