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Morning all. Happy Tuesday!

Michelle - Yes, definitely still on for Saturday - sooo looking forward to it. I'll PM you my address. Glad you and DH are working through your issues.

Annie - Glad Sassy is doing well. I'm not surprised at all the nicknames - we have dozens for Coal. Mmmm, ribs. It'll have to cool off a bit before I let bf have my oven going for 3 hours though... kinda wish I had a 2nd oven in the basement sometimes. So cute that C. let A. dress him up...any photos??

Happy - If the owners gave you a key, they must really trust and like you. Good job! Hope you adjust to the standing part of the job. Even back in my youth when I was perfectly healthy/in decent shape, I had standing jobs and my back would get sore after being on my feet for hours. Same thing now, and I try to keep my abs sucked in to support my back, but still... moving around vs. just standing is a big help. Mmm, popcorn and frozen yogurt. Sounds good, but I'm sure you'll develop some immunity to that. Oh, I did check out the artwork on our big monitor - she's got some nice stuff, just beautiful.

Ceejay - Glad your day was quiet. Hope the headache went away, hate those, especially migraines. Worried I forgot to take some excedrin migraine tabs today (TOM week started today), but I see I have a couple in my pillbox in my purse. Whew!

Ellen - Busy weekend for you. Glad you rested part of Monday, and it's nice you all went for a trail walk together. Yeh, we didn't get much rain on the weekend, but apparently it rained (and some thunder too) overnight last night by us - I was sleeping like a log and didn't hear a thing - and we got some good moisture out of it. I didn't get too far into the paper since I was doing housework a good part of the weekend. Sometimes like Annie, I just sort through the sale flyers and don't get much further.

Mel - Glad yesterday was quiet for you. Very nice of the cops to be concerned for you. Have a great restful day recovering from your weekend!!!

Java - I see you found us. Lurk away!!

Patty - Pop in for a visit okay?
Nuttin' much to report. Watched the dvd "Water for Elephants" yesterday morning. It was a book club book and I never did see the movie when it was in the theaters. It was good enough, but very sad in certain parts with the animals. Also watched an older movie "The Weatherman" with Nicholas Cage and Michael Caine. Ugh. Slow-paced, and it just never came together into a satisfying story. Told bf to not bother with it.

Haven't bought any new class passes yet, not sure what I'm doing yet. Spinning is growing on me, but I'm only willing to do a certain number of classes a week, and I think I'd be better off with a class that works both upper and lower body. Also thinking of taking a yogalates class (yoga+pilates) offered by the school district.

Not sure if I'm going to the movies tonight. I didn't vote, but the final selection is "Premium Rush". It sounds like something bf might also like, so I might go with him instead, but probably not tonight.

Okay, just babbling, so I'll get this posted and be off.
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