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Morning all,
Woke up this morning at 4.00am all fired up about where my wallet was. I couldn't remember seeing it yesterday. Of course it was sitting on the dining table all the time. Silly me.

Dentist today - expensive one - looking to see about implants - not really looking forward to that but it needs to be done. I suspect that half of my sinus problems are related to the fact that some of my teeth are not good.

Annie - I wouldn't have minded you using Shad's name. My fatchick name is after all the same name as the dog I used to have. His name was Shad O Clover. But Sassy would have had a lot to live up to with that name.

Mel - hope the eyes are getting better all the time. Maybe you will be back with us during the week. I think I should speak with you as well - just to ensure you are not doing things you ought not to do - so maybe later this week??

Ceejay - isn't it amazing how grass greens up so fast. Before you know it you will need to mow it again.

Happy - Hate all ads but understand the necessity for them. Just hope that the powers that be realise that any ad that interferes with what I am doing at the time is the product that will be banned from my shopping basket. So far most of them are being ignored. Have to admit that occasionally I will click on some outrageous claim or other just to satisfy my curiosity. Never bought anything tho' but got a laugh or two out of a couple of them.
Good luck with the job today.

Michelle - whatever is the problem in your life, ensure you do not close the door on something that you have loved up until now. Ensure you have all of the facts before making any decisions and then weigh up the information before coming to any momentous and possibly permanent decisions. Take the emotion out of the situation and deal only with facts. It makes decisions much easier. Life is fraught with strange happenings and not all of them are exactly what seems obvious now. I will keep you in my thoughts and if you need any help then let me know.

Anyway, better get on with the shower and the gathering of courage, not long to the dentist now. Thank heaven it is a fairly early appointment and I don't have all day to sit around thinking about it. See ya

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