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Good morning ladies,

Have I mentioned that I HATE THE ADS on this site. The interactive ads that are just waiting for you to hover over them interfere with typing a post. And I have proved it out so I know that's the case. I understand since this site is free they need to generate revenue and I'm ok with it but some of the ads are really annoying.

Yesterday we went out for Chinese food for dinner. Then we went over to the lake area where DH took pictures the other night. We were out on a small boat dock and waited and waited and waited. The moon was coming up behind a large plot of trees. We could see it peeking out on the horizon and it was nice and big but by the time it cleared the tree line it was normal sized. I need to read the manual in regards to taking night shots as none of mine has come out thus far. The night before I went to bed at 3am and knew I had to get up early today so I tried that Zzzzzquil sleep aid stuff. Works great! I don't think I was up 5 minutes after my head hit the pillow. I got a good night's sleep and am now wondering how I'm going to make it standing on my feet for 8 hours straight today. Actually I'm not sure how long I will work today or if it's just a mini orientation kind of thing. I've got to go jump in the shower and get ready so sorry no personals for now. Will try to come back later and let you know how things went.

Hope y'all have a nice Sunday
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