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Alrighty, back again.

Last night we went out for a fish fry. Except that mine was broiled We were going to go out to one of the lakes and try and capture a picture of the "blue" moon except that I guess the butter on the fish was a bit rich for me. I really need to get in the habit of eating yogurt on a regular basis to easy up the queasy tummy issues. Not that I don't have at least 6 cartons sitting in the refrigerator waiting on me. DH is about to go off to the cousin's house who offered us a good pile of split wood that he can't fit into his storage shed. Will make for many a nice fire in the pit outside. We still have warm days but the nights are getting cool again so a fire will be nice. I also noticed that the trees give off alot of moisture at night - just like camping in the woods so about an hour after sunset things like the chair frame and seats start to get rather damp. Makes the fire all the more cozy. Anyway DH got a snap or two but wound up getting to the lake later than planned because he had to drop me back at home. He said the pictures will come out better if there is still a bit of dusk light in the sky rather than total blackness so we might try again tonight.

My Mom might be scheduled for her heart shock test the end of this week, depends on how her blood tested yesterday. He regular doc is eager to get this on with - apparently there is a heart valve that thickens up with the atrial fibrilation, if it gets too thick the heart shock (to get the heart beating back into a regular rhythm) will be ineffective so he is anxious to get this done. It's just that her numbers (for the degree of coagulation in the blood) need to be in a steady range and they have been erratic all along. Hard to decide what is the right thing to do because it's a bit of damned if you do, damned if you don't. DH too is starting to get a bit antsy with his treatment. His numbers have been very much in range with the coumadin meds and he goes every other week for blood testing. Thanks to the new medical plan in retirement, we not only pay a high price for health insurance, but also foot a much larger piece of the cost of treatment. So these frequent blood tests mean we only get to buy groceries 3 weeks out of 4 in the month :rollleyes: Anyway he is eager to get to the next step as this going to the doctor ever week it seems is getting old. My Mom is tired of the trips too because unlike DH who can pop in the car, Mom needs to bum a ride from someone as it's too hot and difficult for her to take the bus any more. I was hoping to go spend some time with her after the procedure but I'm sure that's exactly how the timing came together and I was offered a job

Not much else going on. It's quiet and sunny. I need to finish my data entry and want to organize the freezer and make a meal plan to use up some of the stuff that's been in the freezer for a while. Since I'll be right in town tomorrow, I guess I'll just pop over to the grocery store after I get out of the shop.

I'll come back later for more personals.
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