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SO excited that you decided to join me, MizMelis, Bee, Synger, RJR, and Tiff! And, Kaplods, I always appreciate your well-informed, interesting, and supportive posts.

The past few weeks have been rough, sort of. I am facing a trio of challenges that would normally cause me significant difficulties.

1. I have gone off-plan, and had no real negative consequences, other than slower loss. This is probably the thing that caused me to re-gain about 100 pounds a few years ago. I decided I was happier with slower losses and a looser eating plan, and it quickly devolved from there. I am trying to go against my nature by not being totally OCD about this, because I can't keep a Biggest Loser type schedule and still maintain my 'normal' responsibilities. So I avoid logging food and counting every calorie, cuz that triggers the OCD in me, and I end up neglecting my work or my kids, etc. But I think I am getting sufficiently lackadaisical that I need to start tracking again for a week or two. **sigh**

2. Things are heating up at work, which triggers my 'put in endless hours at work' OCD response. Which means no exercise, which translates into losing touch with my body and poor eating. I need to schedule it DURING the workday for the next few weeks. I can still get in early and stay late, but will get a break that will help me be productive. And I need to do small things like stand to review documents, go to the bathroom on the floor below, taking the stairs both ways, etc.

3. I injured my shoulder lifting weights. Stupid and annoying, but not debilitating. I have continued to do cardio, but I will quit crying about it, and hoping it heals on its own. I will go to the doctor in the next two weeks if it's not better. This will be the hardest of the three, but I need to take care of my health.

It's a commitment, baby, and I will honor it.
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