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Originally Posted by AnaBee View Post
That's interesting that you have gastro upsets if you don't eat low carb on Metformin. I find the opposite - I get less side effects if I'm eating higher carb, but of course, that's pointless since low carb helps improve insulin resistance. I ended up having to cut my metformin dose when I got serious about being really low carb (atkins levels). If I'm around 50-100g grams, it probably wouldn't matter so much.

The test for insulin resistance is the Glucose Tolerance Test with insulin (the regular test doesn't include insulin). You can see the really high insulin spike that keeps blood sugars in line (so I always looked fine on diabetes tests) that shows there's a problem. Without having insulin tested people just keep showing normal on diabetes blood tests until eventually their bodies struggle to make enough insulin and the blood sugar levels creep up to pre-diabetes levels and then full blown diabetes.

Funsize, years ago I lost weigh on the BCP and then gained when I went off it. I asked my doctor about it recently and she wondered if the consistent levels of hormones worked for me. We don't know for sure but she said it wasn't as unusual as I thought it was.

It's interesting to hear that you guys are losing on 50-100gs. I have been struggling with really low carb (and totally went off it while travelling and have been paying the price with non stop gaining lately, gotta love my IR body's ability to pile on the pounds so fast, not).
I think it has everything to do with how Metformin is helping your physiology. Metformin is supposed to make your cells more sensitive to insulin, correct? I wonder how the glucose in your blood affects you with the Metformin and if that's what causes the differences.

I'll add that I'm losing weight with being under 150 grams of carbs, but I also will add that I'm not eating dairy or grains. I eliminated those from my diet because I was beginning to see a pattern of what looked like a milk allergy and I am testing that by not eating dairy for a while. And eliminating grains was something that I decided to add as a way to reduce my dependence on carbs and stay with the 150 or less based on my veggies and fruits and nuts.
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