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Sept2012- When i was at my heaviest, I didn't think i'd see a big difference, and looking at the photo's i've taken, i'm pretty astound to how big of a difference i actually do see.

Looking in the mirror every day, you don't notice much of a difference, and then when you take photo's .. it's like wow! I'm seeing a lot of changes now, especially around my face, my back, which is quite a bit less flabby then it's to the point where when i go to shower and take a quick look at myself in the mirror, the back fat is so much less where it's almost smooth without much bumps and bulges.. except for the sides LOL But i'm ok with that because i know i'm making progress and my body is going to lose the weight where it chooses to and eventually the stomach area is going to reduce even more then it already has. (haha if i could spot reduce i totally would !)

You guy's keep me motivated and i'm not sure i could do it without the support that i get from here.
Can't is NOT in my vocabulary I CAN, I WILL ,I AM! !

Mini goal- to lose 40 lbs (September 4th 2012 !!!!)
Last goal of a total 130lbs lost by Dec 2013 (61 lbs to go !)
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