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Default Shirataki Noodle PiZZA!!! I kid you not!!!


so....keeping up my tradition of trying something new every week...
i FINALLY got up the nerve to BUY some shirataki noodles...

i thought it best to TRY the tofu version before i invested in ordering MIRACLE NOODLES....but no doubt, you could use miracle noodles or shirataki tofu noodles for this recipe

SHiRATAKi NOODLE PiZZA! and rinse your shirataki noodles...
YES....they smell fishy...rinse them well!!!

then dump them onto some clean paper towels....and blot dry

blot dry with another paper towel on top

next...dry your noodles in a DRY pan over medium heat
for about 3 mins. set aside on a plate to COOL.

get out the spices of your choice...this is what i used!

i also used egg whites, shallots and veggie shreds

add 4 tbsp egg whites into your magic bullet or other mixer

give it a quick whirrr until slightly frothy!!

add your COOLED dry shirataki noodles

add the spices of your choice...i added 1/2 - 1 tsp of just about everything
you add to your on taste
i showed in the photo!!! plus my sea salt!!

blend until all the noodles are well blended!!

add 1 bag of IP SOUTHWEST CHEESE PUFFS into a baggie

take your rolling pin and crush them fine!!

add them into your shirataki noodle mixture

mix well, batter will be thick!
just LOOK at all that SPICY GOODNESS!!!

spread out your "dough" onto your pizza pan lined with parchment paper
i made 2 pizzas!! but you could just make one big one

i used a smaller piece of parchment paper
on top to help me spread it out to about 1/8 inch thickness
peel the paper off gently and press out the other pizza

now you are ready to bake!!!
bake at 450 degrees for about 20 mins
or until crispy browned!!!

nice and crispy and brown!!

even crispy on the bottom side!!!
top as you wish!!!!

i'll be right back with my toppings!!

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