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Hi Josie,

I wish I could give you a big hug!! I'm so sorry to hear you've had so many obstacles in your path. Losing weight and taking care of yourself, physically, is totally a wonderful thing... but you are beautiful and wonderful, regardless of your weight! Looking sexy in a bathing suit is just the icing on the cake - and I think your cake is pretty great, with or without the icing (haha, sorry, I'm not the best with words). Icing doesn't mean much if the cake isn't good, huh? (Again, geez, I am not terribly good with words... hahaha).

Seriously though, it takes a lot of strength to stand up and say "I'm going to change my life". On top of that, you're taking care of a sick loved one... a lot of people wouldn't do that. I think it says a lot about your character.

Sorry to ramble, I just felt like sometimes we all need someone to stop and say "you know what? I think you're great!" - and I do! From what I've learned about you so far, I think you're a pretty admirable lady!

I really hope you find the peace you deserve, Josie. Stay strong... I know you can do it!! Talking with you has really helped me stay strong too.
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