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Hi Josie!

The inspiration box idea was something I came up with when I was feeling a little down. I've been pasting inspiring pictures into my journal too, to help keep me motivated. I'm going to put a picture of my five balloons (for my 5lb triumph!) in the box too... I don't want to let myself forget the good days.

I've always been a heavy girl, so bathing suits have always been a distant dream for me. Sleeveless shirts are also something I've never allowed myself to wear in public. I feel like I've let my weight hold me back from enjoying a lot of things in life, and I really don't want to live like that anymore.

I really, really want to get active... but that number on the scale just drives me nuts! So many times, I feel like that number can dictate my entire mood... so that's something I want to try to work on, this week. My clothes are so much looser now - and the rational part of me KNOWS that means more than a number! Now I've just got to get the emotional side to agree on that, haha.

You are 100% right - it's a new day!! Don't worry about the grilled cheese incident. It's in the past, and it's not going to stop you from having a successful week!!

Stay strong, Josie!! Hope you have a great day!
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