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Default wow what a great idea!

Oh Anna, I love that idea of an inspiration box. Did you think of this or is this a tip from JC that I overlooked? Yes..... bathing suits. I was telling someone yest. that I used to live in a bathing suit. Now..... never. Havent been on the beach or in a boat since I gained this weight. I had to wear a suit on a vacation recently , and I made sure I had a sarong on my bottom half. Oh, those legs just arent ready for people's eyes. So that is a great goal for me too.

Well, I thought all night about the choice of the grilled cheese, and it is time to stop fretting about it. I am up this morning and it is a new day. I told myself that I would add exercise in today, since my back is feeling better, with only a slight twinge. No overdoing it, just a gentle cardio for 15, 30,45,or ideally, 1 hour, but i am not putting pressure on myself. Just will listen to my body.

Yes, I too found that the other time i was on JC when I was younger,fitter, and lighter, I was really into exercise which continued until a year ago. When I would walk 5 miles a day, then go for weigh in, my weight loss would often show nothing. This also happened when I went to WW briefly. The counselor told me the same that we always hear, muscle weighs more than fat. So true, a person with lots of muscle can weigh more but look much much leaner than another person of the same weight and height. So dont worry too much about the scale. You know, that if you are following the program as closely as possible AND exercising, that you are doing something good for your body. The weight will fall off ,and may not show up so easily on the scale, but will definitely start showing in your clothes and in the mirror.

Have a great JC day. Stay focused this weekend. We can do this!
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