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Hi Josie!

WOW!! 7.4lbs!!! That is SO fantastic!!! I am so happy for you and proud of you!! Don't let one mistake take that fantastic accomplishment away from you, okay? We all have not-so-ideal moments, but that's okay! Gosh, congratulations on a wonderful week, Josie!!

Haha, well, at least those grilled cheese sandwiches probably weren't as bad as "normal" ones, considering they were low fat and low calorie! Having a little something outside of the menu, once in a while, isn't going to ruin anything, I bet... don't let it steal your thunder!!

I haven't tried the popcorn, actually! I too have decided to start moving towards my own snacks. Your take on the beef chili sounds delicious! It's nice to have a little flexibility there. I dined out on my own today, which went really well! I planned ahead of time and got sushi (which I LOVE). It clocked in at 240 calories - not bad at all!

I really need to start exercising, but sometimes I get a little intimidated by it. In the past, when I've tried to lose weight and I start exercising, it seems to stop my weight loss. I'm not sure why. I went to Jenny Craig before, in the past - and when I added going to Curves and working out 5 days a week to that, my weight loss stopped!! Maybe I was getting too many weights in there and not enough cardio... either way, I am eager to get more active, but nervous about potentially making the scale "stop"! Sometimes I think I focus too much on the numbers on that darn scale.

Keep up the great work, Josie!!! I'm so inspired by your great week!! Let's both make this an awesome week, okay? I'll be thinking about you!
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