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Default one more thing Anna

LOL, the cheese on the grilled cheese was lo fat , bread lo cal, and the butter was not but SmartBlend. Still bad, I know, but thought it would make you laugh as to how I am trying to justify my cheat.

For breakfast, I do not do the JC breakfasts but eat the same thing every morning. It is fast, less expensive, and very filling. I eat 1 c Kashi honey oat cereal w/ skim milk. I save my fruit to go with my cottage cheese mid morning snack in place of the anytime bar. Lunch I try to add the veggies into the JC meal instead of as a side. Then I seem to get more veggies in and stay fuller. Dinner I do the same. Tonite I had the beef chili w/ beans. I poured half of it over lettuce and tomatoes. Splattered some hotsauce on top w a dollop of lo fat sr cream, and it made a great taco salad. This entree doesnt seem to be a favorite w/ many but i liked it. I should have finished the chili when i returned home instead of making a grilled cheese.

Have you tried the popcorn? I do like that. It also seems like a lot compared to most other snacks. I allow myself one cheesecake a week. That is my splurge. For week 2 I will be doing four snacks on my own since I really dont like most of them, and the ones i do like such as the cheesecakes and the lemon cake, I dont want to get into the habit of choosing those. Today after weigh in , I went to grocery store and got my own snacks. I planned for a chocolate attack by getting sugar free fudgesicles, salty attacks by getting mini cheddar rice cakes,and for sweet attacks, I did buy one JC key lime cheesecake. I also have a JC brownie from the sample kit I purchased. Will try this new strategy this week to see if i like it better and if i can discipline myself on the portions. I need to make some jello tomorrow.
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