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Hi Josie!

Well, today I weighed in - I lost 2lbs this week, and my overall total is 5lbs in two weeks now! Hurray!! It was a great week and I'm so proud and happy! I really feel like this plan is working for me.

To celebrate, I went out and got myself 5 balloons! I also took a trip to a local book store and picked up a handmade journal for myself... soooo pretty! I can't wait to fill it up with notes and pictures. I found a photography book, filled with beautiful views of the ocean, so I picked that up to put in my "inspiration box". One of my dreams is to feel comfortable with my body at the beach in a swimsuit, so I thought this book could be a great source of inspiration when I'm tempted to cheat on my diet. Binge eating has always been a challenge for me... but I'm two weeks binge free today!! Hurray!!

I hope you've had a great day, Josie! Thank you so much for checking in on me every day. I got the spaghetti and meatballs this week, as you recommended.

Keep me posted on your progress!!
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