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Default good sign that it is working

Hi Anna,
That is great to hear that you are seeing a difference in the fit of your clothes. That means you are on track and the program is working, really working for you!!! My "fat" clothes are so boring. I look forwards to the day that I can fit into some of the other things in my closet , from the days when I felt and looked better. I know that when the weight starts coming off, it will be easier to look at myself in the mirror, and hopefully see the person there that I actually recognize.

You mentioned frozen fruit. I bought some frozen peaches the other day, as well as some fresh. The fresh are absolutely delicious right now, so I will hold off using the frozen for now. But I agree, that if you thaw them slightly, then top with a bit of whipped cream, it is very refreshing.

I haven't liked the snack choices very much until last night when I had the popcorn. It was a lot, and tasted better than the others I have tried. My special treat will be tonite when I try the keylime pie. I have previously tried the choc cheesecake and know that to be good, but I try to limit myself to these sorts of items to once a week. I am trying to teach myself to eat right, esp since I got to this weight by eating lots of sugary sweets and stressfull eating.

Enjoy your new look in your clothes. Feel proud. You are doing it! Keep going, girl. Tomorrow is my first weigh in , completing my first week. I have stayed on track, but as I mentioned before, I havent been very active. The back is starting to feel a little better this morning. I just need to remember, no lifting. Hard for me to do that since I have an elderly mom who is ill requiring total care. Just have to ask for help.

Stay strong.
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