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Hi Josie!

It's been so nice checking in every day to see how you're doing! Keep up the great work! I haven't tried the spaghetti yet. I'll give that one a shot, this week! I bet it would be great with a side salad.

I'm so sorry to hear about your back! I do hope you get well soon. You'll be in my thoughts!

I tried on some smaller clothes today and they fit wonderfully... soooo excited! Even if I didn't have a "big" loss, this week, I feel like I'm starting to see a difference in both how I look and how I feel.

This upcoming week, I'm thinking about making my own sugar free jello. I'm not a big fan of aspartame, and the only alternative seems to be making it myself. I really like using stevia as my sugar substitute. Reddi Whip makes a "lite" whipped cream that's only 5 calories for 2 TBSP... I really like it! I figure this could end up being an "emergency snack" for those moments when I want a little more, haha. Jello with some whipped cream sounds great right now (I really like this whipped cream on my french toast and pancakes too!).

Another thing I tried was frozen fruit. I got some frozen, mixed berries, thawed them just a bit, then topped with a little stevia (because I have quite a sweet tooth) and whipped cream. Delicious!

Stay strong, Josie! We can do it!!
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