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Hi Josie!

Nice to meet you! I'm about to finish up my second week... one more day to go... very excited to see what the scale says!! I lost 3lbs last week, which was great!

I thought the chicken/mashed potatoes was pretty good - but as you said, there's not a whole lot of chicken in it. My favorite lunches are definitely the broccoli & cheese potato and the beef chow mein. The beef chow mein is pretty good with some added vegetables (especially lots of broccoli!). I don't mind the stuffed sandwiches either. They're kind of like hot pockets. Have you tried the orange chicken?

When it comes to volumizing, I really try to work in those non-starchy veggies every moment I can. For example, I try to have at least one large salad a day with lots and lots of greens (organic, if I can), like spinach, romaine, cucumber, tomato, peppers, etc. Overall, I try to keep to the green stuff.

One thing I tried was using one of my milk servings as cheese for my salad. With the macaroni and cheese, you have to add some protein, so I usually use this as some grilled chicken on my salad, too! Top that with some fat free dressing and I'm good to go! It can be a really, really large "extra" meal.

I also like cutting cucumbers into slices and snacking on them.

Honestly, I think breakfast is my favorite meal at Jenny Craig, and lunch is my least favorite. There's a lot of breakfast choices that I really like, but not so many lunch ones.

Here's to a great week! I'll keep checking in - good luck to you!! Keep up the great work!

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