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You know, this could be a long shot, but I just read the Diet Cure by Julia Ross. I'm not on board with everything she says, but I do like her explanation of amino acids and how our brain chemicals are linked to everything else in our body, including weight loss. Being on the weight loss bandwagon can contribute even more because restricted calories means fewer essential amino acids. Anyway, I just started supplementing as she recommends (with several amino acids throughout the day) and I am astounded at how much better I feel--I'm not exhausted all the time, my appetite is decreased, my mind is quieter, I'm not obsessing about food and yet, I'm losing weight (I had a baby 2 yrs ago and I've been a mess since--she said hormonal events like puberty, childbirth, menopause can trigger these problems). With issues like PCOS, pre-diabetes, and pre-menopause, it might have some useful ideas for you.
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